Tips for party at your restaurant

Perfect management and your care can make the party perfect:

If there is arranged part about any dinner, New Year etc in your restaurant. You should manage all the necessary things for the party in your restaurant. Your perfect management and your full of care can make the party perfect which is very best for the reputation of your restaurant and will attract the more customers to come there and arrange parties.

party at restaurant

Manage the all responsibilities about party:

If you manage the all responsibilities about party and all important necessaries for the party with very efficiently and in nice manner that you will be succeed to make good reputations of your restaurant among peoples. This is great for your business if someone come in the hotel and he or she found everything perfect and according to his or her needs. This is best and nice to increase your sales.

Important tips for party in your restaurant:

Here are some very important tips to manage the all parties in your restaurant will full responsibility.

  • Ask about all requirements from the customer before taking order:
    If you are dealing with the parties in your restaurant, it is very important and necessary for your business to ask about all requirements of customers that how many dishes they want? How many people are involved in the party? And brief description of chairs, tables and decorations regarding the party. Your staff should make list and mention every order with complete detail at that paper. There for they can remember different orders and their details and necessaries. They should no mix up the order it will throw bad effects at the reputation of your restaurant. By preparing list with detail is very helpful for the management of restaurant. Your staff should quickly complete every order and provide all things about the party which is mention in the order before customers asking.
  • Your full attention and great management:
    Your full attention and great management will take you at the top of business and will increase the good will among customers. If you don’t work accurately and don’t monitor all order with its detail will throw bad effects at your business as well as the reputations of your restaurant.
  • Maintain communication between the customers and staff:
    You should maintain the very effective and efficient communication between customers and staff of restaurant particularly during dealing with large parties. If someone place order at your restaurant then your staff should complete it in short time so that customer will take a long wait for their orders. The efficiency about good communication with your customer will always give you good outcomes. So if you are taking order about party then your staff should communicate with customers with carefully and don’t behave in odd manner.
  • Encourage your staff to complete orders carefully:
    If some time you face the troubles of more orders in your restaurant at the same time. It is very difficult to manage such kind of problem so remain calm and encourage your staff to complete orders carefully. But restaurant staff should provide everything with great efficiency and accurately without missing any item. They don’t misunderstand or mix up the different orders. Your management is very necessary to fulfill all orders successfully in time to the all customers. To handling such kind of trouble your all staff should be trained for these issues. You should give the practice of your staff and should give the experience to handle this pressure of serving and fulfilling large orders of the customers at the same time.


If there is large party in your restaurant then it is important to prepare and encourage the all staff to become efficient and ready to do work accurately. You should arrange the best table size, charis and location for large party and it should reserve for the party so that new arrival should not face any kind of inconvenience and disturbance. You should monitor the all dishes which are included in the order. If there are many orders so take care about different dishes and keep them separately for every order. All dishes should cook deliciously and should present with very stylish manner to attract your customers as well as gaining the fair reputation for your restaurant. You should pat proper attention to all customers in the restaurant during party. You should monitor in strict manner. That every order is filling or not. Some time the staff of restaurant ignore the other customers when they fulfilling the order of party. It is not fair policy. Don’t ignore your customer. Your staff should completely aware of the needs of other present customers in the restaurant. If you neglect your customer it will create the bad reputation of your restaurant.

Finding a good seafood restaurant

Seafood has always been many people choice for reasonable priced delicacy. If you are in the mood to indulge in seafood goodness but are not comfortable with cooking yourself, you can have a choice of many restaurants. This choice will depend on your taste, your budget, the type of restaurant you want and how far willing you are to go for great food.


How to find the best restaurant

In my opinion, the best restaurant should be one that is in your area so you don’t need to drive too far. It should offer great service, great food, and a nice atmosphere. You might want to get your friends and family opinion on the restaurant before trying it. Social media is also a good choice for finding good place to eat with many reviews and pictures of the place, together with careful instruction such as the address and opening hours, menu and costs, etc.

An important thing when it comes to seafood, well for food in general is that you should know the origin of the materials. The server should be able to tell you where the foods come from and the type of fish you’re ordering. You can ask when the fish was catch to determine its freshness. Some restaurant let you pick live fish from a tank, which is a better guarantee for its quality.

Remember that sometimes you can decide how the fish will be prepared. So if the restaurant allows it, you can actually tell the server to fry or steam the dish based on your reference.
Medical conditions
It may sound ridiculous but a wide percent of people are allergic to something and the most popular allergy is with seafood. If you are allergic to certain type of seafood, be sure to mention it to your server. However if you don’t know whether you are allergic or not, it’s the safest choice to have medical kits around in case of an allergic reaction happens.

How to eat seafood

Yes it can be embarrassing when you struggle to open your crab shell or trying to suck a scallop meat out of its shell. Feel free to ask the people around you how to do those things. Restaurants usually provided tools to crack crabmeat and other utensils for eating shell animal dishes.

If you are eating crab or peeling shrimp you will need a bowl of water and a towel to wash your hands (some restaurant put slices of lemon into it). Ask for one if your server forgets or a new one if the water gets too dirty.

You can request the leftover to be taken home as well. There is nothing wrong with doing this. You paid for the food so it’s a normal thing to do and restaurants anticipated this actually.

Which occasion to go to a seafood restaurant

Most people don’t eat seafood often, only once a week if most frequent. So when the time comes for an anniversary or celebrations and you don’t want to get dirty by rolling in the kitchen, take the time out to go to a restaurant for a fine dining experience. There are many types of restaurant suitable for every occasion: casual dining restaurant for the whole family, a small seaside restaurant for a romantic date, a private high class room for a business meeting, etc. There are many places where you can go to have good food. My recommendation is, if you are in the mood for adventure; pick a restaurant far and new. But if it’s a business meeting, go to ones you already know and make sure the atmosphere is formal and somewhat quiet so you can discuss what you need to.

Types of Restaurant

Owning a business is a dream for almost everyone. One of the most popular businesses for startups is working in the food serving market, more commonly known as opening a restaurant. Figuratively speaking, according to the Entrepreneur website, the number of food-service grew from about 155,000 to about 900,000 between the late 1970s and 2009. This number is expected to continue to grow because nowadays people rather eating outside than taking the effort to cook at home. Opening a restaurant, however, isn’t an easy ride. Let’s say you caught a cold but can’t help but getting up, roll up your sleeves and cook for people.

In this article, I will walk you through the factors that make or break a restaurant as well as the types of restaurant and draw out the tips to establishing a restaurant.

types of restaurant

Factors to consider

  • Concept and target market
    The target market you choose will decide your restaurant’s concept. Not one business has succeeded in covering all range of customers. You should design a menu that caters to a specific group of customers, e.g. do you want to serve high class customers or the whole family, etc. The menu should also be something that you have knowledge and passion for. Decide on your dishes price; compare them to the price of other restaurants and figuring out your selling points.
  • Location and timing
    Now with a concept of your restaurant in mind, let’s look for a place to set it up. At this point, what you want to do is take a tour to the real estate offices and setting an appointment to get a tour of the properties. Have fun on the trip, because it is still a long way from your opening day. Remember to pick a neighbourhood where it would be advantageous to set up your restaurants: is there any competition; what do the people in that place refer, cooking or eating out; is there any supplier in the area, what is the cost for fresh ingredients. You might want to take note on the cost for gas, lighting, garbage and the sewer system. Remember that you need to keep you restaurant clean and hygiene. You will need to visit several places to find the right fit for you.
  • Budget and resources
    For this step you will need a calculator or a friend who is really good with number.
    Think about how much you have and what you can afford. Prioritize. Do not ever you’re your budget plan on plain white paper! It’s hard to edit and easy to make mistake. You’d want to utilize Excel table and formulas. Make list of all the information you have gathered and construct them in a weekly or monthly format to easier calculate your spending. Next multiply all these number by 1.5 because chances are in the first few months things won’t run how you want them to and this extra amount will make up for the lost and well as price increases in the future.
    Now let’s not forget your staffs’ salary and the price for each dish. Take the total budget you have minus the cost for housing, ingredient, equipment and staff salary. Take that number divide by the price for each dish and that is how many customer you have to serve to keep you business running. If any of these numbers is unrealistic, adjust your budget plan accordingly.

Types of restaurant

  • Ethnic: Restaurants that specialize in national or ethnic cuisine. E.g. Chinese food or Italian food.
  • Fast food: As the name suggest, this type of restaurant service food on the go with emphasize on speed. Fast food restaurants are well known for being franchise but a family owe fast food restaurant is possible too.
  • Casual dining: Fun for the whole family! This type is a mix between fast food and fine dining. Food can be served by order but there is also an open bar with side dishes to choose from.
  • Family style: A variant from casual dining. Food is served in big trays and the diners serve themselves.
  • Fine dining: These restaurants have a set menu dishes with some other choices that changes by day. The choices are fewer compare to other types of restaurant. Popular for business talk and formal meetings. There is also a dress code that diners have to follow.

Tips relevant to restaurant

  • Talk to locals about your restaurant before the opening.
  • Restaurants are built to make profit, not to be romantic or creative.
  • Take every tiny detail into your budget plan.
  • Expect the unexpected.
  • Work on your leadership because the staff will be people you haven’t worked with before.